Come work with us!

We have a job opening in our lab and are looking foward to many exciting applications! The position works for either a PhD student or a postdoc, and all the details can be found here: Job posting babylab


We already mentioned it in our last post, but now it’s official: Sarah Jessen has been appointed as a professor at the University of Lübeck! This means our work here will continue and we are looking forward to many exciting…

Heisenberg grant

Sarah Jessen has been awarded a Heisenberg grant by the German Research Foundation. More infos on what this means for our research here to come soon!

New article on social exclusion

In her new study, Pauline Petereit from the Cognitive Neuroscience Group is looking at how adults respond to social rejection. You can find all the details here: Petereit, P., Jessen, S., Goregliad Fjaellingsdal, T., & Krämer, U.M. (2022). Social Context…