Our premises are located in the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein. The meeting point is in the foyer of the building (67) in front of Café Curie. You are welcome to wait there until you are picked up by our staff.

23562 Lübeck

Arriving by bus:
Buses 4 and 6 to the bus stop Universität.
Buses 1 and 9 to the bus stop UKSH West.
Please note: A baby carriage can only get off at UKSH West in the front bus compartment, as the rear bus compartment cannot drive up to the bus platform.

Arriving by train:
To station Lübeck-St. Jürgen and then 8 minutes on foot.
To Lübeck-Main Station and then take bus lines 1 or 9 directly to the hospital.

Arriving by car:
Coming via the A1, change to the A20 (direction Rostock) at the Lübeck junction. Then take exit 2a – Lübeck-Genin and from there drive along Baltische Allee, Geniner Str., St. Jürgen-Ring/B75 and turn onto Mönkhofer Weg. From there you can drive onto the hospital grounds and drive directly to the CBBM without going through the barrier. Here you can obtain a parking permit for the duration of your visit to the Babylab. We can issue this to you on arrival (ideally you should register your need in advance). It entitles you to park in the parking lot in front of the CBBM/BMF building (more detailed information on arrival).

[You will receive a parking ticket from us. This will permit you to park in front of the site fence. You can then ignore the no parking sign].